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Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA | Combining great taste & sensational fragrance

Delivering solutions for the snacking industry – authentic seasonings based on taste and functionality.

The global snacking trend continues to gain momentum. With further growth driven by indulgence and the need for healthier snacking options, the industry needs to focus on delivering both excellent taste and functional product solutions.


The evolution of the snacking market

The growing interest in savoury snacks is mainly driven by an increasingly hectic lifestyle and changing food consumption patterns, as many consumers are adopting more flexible eating times. Likewise, the on-going health and wellness trend has pushed the savoury snacks category. It not only represents a better alternative to sweet snacking products with a high sugar content for a growing number of consumers. But is especially evolving through categories such as nuts, seeds and trail mixes and vegetable, pulse, multigrain and bread chips – being perceived as a natural and healthier snacking option.

The healthy snacking trend creates a strong need for natural ingredients, transparency and simplicity of ingredients, with a majority of consumers looking for snacks without artificial additives. It further indicates a need to focus on salt-reduced product developments and low-calorie options in the long-run. At the same time, added nutrients (i.e. high fibre or protein content) are an overall approach of manufacturers to evolve the category of “better for you snacks”.

The snacks category is also driven by a shifting demand towards convenience formats or texture varieties and most of all new concepts. As “all time snacking” becomes mainstream, there is an ever-increasing variety of snacking options available, driving the interest of consumers for novelties, experimentation and shareable, “insta-ready” experiences. Indulgence and enjoyment still represent the main consumption criteria in the snack sector. Offerings are therefore focusing on excellent and unique taste, premium ingredients or superior production methods, such as “hand-cooked”.

Addressing current market needs and consumer trends within the snacks sector

Based on its extensive global network, Bell has a strong expertise in predicting market and category dynamics, major trends and taste directions that will shape the snacking industry in the future. Underlining its vision of being the partner of choice for creating inspirational and winning product concepts, Bell is focusing on product developments to define or differentiate the final taste of a product or to deliver functional solutions for savoury snacks.

As taste is crucial, combining indulgence and premiumisation with natural and healthy ingredients is one of the major focus areas for Bell when it comes to salty snacks. Unique flavours are essential for successful snacking product launches, helping to create an authentic eating experience. Intense and complex taste profiles, broader influences from other cultures, or increased novelty factors are driving innovation. Bell is therefore focusing on culinary inspirations, as well as ethnic varieties for constantly developing its snack seasonings portfolio. Based on current consumer needs and clean label expectations, Bell equally focuses on functional aspects and healthy snacking, inter alia, with a portfolio of seasonings comprising a natural flavouring and allergen-free declaration. Creating seasonings with low salt content is also a major aspect in Bell’s new developments.

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Discover Bell’s flavour trends and taste solutions at SNACKEX 2019

Meet us at SNACKEX Barcelona and discover our comprehensive portfolio of authentic snack seasonings and functional taste solutions for expanding your product portfolio and for developing successful market products in line with current consumer needs. Get inspired by innovative street food varieties, indulgent premium seasonings and unique sensory experiences. >> Read more

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