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Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA | Combining great taste & sensational fragrance

From locally inspired scents to innovative citric notes – The upcoming years will provide a wide range of fragrances reflecting people’s desire for authenticity. According to Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA, regions like Northern Europe, the traditional beverage of tea, but also new citric notes and Ultra Violet as Color of the Year will shape personal care and household care products until 2020.

“Looking to current fragrance trends, we see two main directions. On the one hand, there is a strong desire for regional products. This trend, coming from the food industry, now solidifies in fragrances. On the other hand, we still observe the yearning for the exotic. Examples for fragrances following this attitude are new citric notes that will find their way to the shelves in the upcoming seasons”, explains Marketing Specialist Janine Hammer.


nordische duftschaetze

Fragrance Treasures from the North

The nativeness of the northern landscapes delights consumers. From the fjords of Norway with its calm waters and steep cliffs over the rough Baltic coast to the lonesome steppes of Siberia, there are numerous places symbolizing localism. After all, these landscapes hold countless fragrance treasures giving room for fragrance interpretations.

Trendy ingredients to be expected in personal and household care include wildflowers, seabuckthorn and cloudberries. The latter, nicknamed “Orange of the North”, is the unparalleled superfruit of Scandinavia. Its high portions of vitamin C promise great effects for beauty products. The situation is similar with the sea buckthorn. The bright orange fruit shapes the dunes around the Baltic Sea and is considered the epitome of Baltic originality. Also, meadow beauties such as delicate, summer-scented daisies will be in the focus of new fragrance compositions for body and household care products in the upcoming years.


A Healthy Cup of Tea

Another key theme that also reflects the demand for nature-inspired scents, is tea. The traditional beverage promising well-being and balance is expected to get another push in the context of the detox trend. Whether green, white, black or rooibos - the large variety of tea offers a great scope for both unusual and pleasantly restrained fragrances for manufacturers. The drink can be ideally combined with fruits or exotic flowers, such as lotus. Also, citric notes make up interesting fragrance directions in combination with tea. This might work as a door opener to the household care segment. Here, dishwashing detergents are among the foremost categories in which consumer like to try something new.

buddhas hand

Citrus Reinvented

In contrast to the subtle fragrances that are trending, citric notes also stay high on the consumers’ agenda. For the upcoming years a strong swing towards Asia is expected, reflecting the always up-to-date mentality of longing for paradise. Thus, lesser known representatives of the category like Kumquat, Yuzu and Satsuma will come to consumers’ minds in terms of scented products.

An interesting representative of the category is the hand-shaped citron “Buddha’s Hand” which is commonly known for its zest and has a flavour that is described as a blend of bitter and sweet acidity, similar to kumquats, with lavender undertones. Its oily rind features a fragrant sweet lemon scent while the flesh is void of juice, pulp, and seeds. Additionally, the meaning behind the fruit is valuable for storytelling. In China, the “fingered citron” symbolises happiness and a long life. In Japan, the Buddha’s Hand is a favourite gift for New Years as it is believed to bestow good fortune on a household.

ultra violett

Ultra Violet Sparkling

Finally, "Ultra Violet" as Colour of the Year 2018 will be interpreted on the olfactive level. In perfumery, the mystic colour harmonises traditionally pretty well with heavy oriental fragrances. The dark, romantic-looking colour is reminiscent of Thousand and One Nights. At the same time violet is the epitome of classical floral notes. Here, Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA sees violet and lupine in the first place, for which modern interpretations are in demand. But also fruity notes like fig is highly recommended for enchanting fragrance compositions.


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