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23 October 2022 Innovation Flavours

Taste solutions for plant-based alternatives

The health and wellness trend is fueling product innovation on plant-based food and drink alternatives on a global level. However, creating plant-based products can be challenging. With our new PLANT FUTURE platform, we are merging extensive expertise on plant-based dairy, meat and fish alternatives.

Ready for the mass market

Based on the growing health consciousness of consumers and changing lifestyle habits, they increasingly avoid animal ingredients on a daily basis. Providing flexible alternatives to traditional animal products such as dairy, meat and fish has become increasingly important across many product categories, with launches having accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plant-based diets have evolved beyond traditional vegetarian and vegan consumers and are moving into mainstream. Hence, flexitarian consumer groups and younger consumers are key drivers for this megatrend.


Bell's toolbox for plant-based flavour alternatives

Bell pursues a holistic approach to provide its customers with a natural and sensory convincing plant-based product portfolio. The new PLANT FUTURE platform can be thought of as a kind of toolbox. Besides functional flavour solutions that mask certain off-notes or enhance sensory attributes, for example, Bell offers a product range of characteristic natural flavour profiles.

Functional advantages

Identifying potential off-tastes and applying masking expertise and flavour solutions to mitigate those notes. Masking unwanted notes such as: bitter, beany, earthy, green, astringent, chalky, nutty, grainy,…

Enhancing sensory taste attributes and rounding off the overall profile by enriching mouthfeel or umami notes, meaty and fatty profiles and smokiness – or: creamy notes, sweet and sour profiles or refreshing notes.


• umami, meat and juicy/ fatty notes, enhancing grill or smoke notes, spiciness, …
• REDsugar, enhancing creaminess or mouthfeel, fresh profiles,…

Creating a unique taste profile by applying characteristic flavour top notes or identifying on-trend taste combinations. e.g.:

• grilled beef, roasted chicken, white fish
• seasonal varieties, herb combinations, exotic spices
• ripe or green strawberry notes
• butter/milk profiles
• seasonal varieties
• exotic combinations
• hemp


PLANT FUTURE bundles a wide range of flavour components that can be used in the development of challenging recipes within a wide variety of product categories, most notably dairy products and fish and meat substitutes.

  • Vegan Drinks

  • Vegan Yoghurt
  • Vegan Ice Cream

Dairy alternatives

  • Vegan Drinks

  • Vegan Yoghurt
  • Vegan Ice Cream

  • Vegan Beef Burger Patties

  • Vegan Chicken Nuggets
  • Vegan Fish Sticks

Meat & fish substitutes

  • Vegan Beef Burger Patties

  • Vegan Chicken Nuggets
  • Vegan Fish Sticks

Discover our range of taste solutions and product concepts for plant-based alternatives:

We would be delighted to introduce you to our PLANT FUTURE platform in more detail and to develop product solutions for sensory convincing plant-based products according to your needs.

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Plant-based nutrition is ready for the mass market

Plant-based revolution is driving market innovation

The industry is still at an early stage, yet grows fast and and presents a huge opportunity for tapping into new segments and areas to gain market share and win consumer trust in the long-term.

As consumers want to be presented with a choice of food varieties, eating occasions and innovation, product development evolves fast beyond the niche categories.

With a plant-based claim highly appealing to today’s consumers, plant-based products and ranges can help them to do good for both, their health and the planet.

Taste remains a major challenge

For a majority of consumers agree, that the taste of a plant-based product is crucial. Yet, plant-based proteins often create unwanted off-notes or missing sensory attributes, making them less appealing for consumers. Within the meat and fish substitutes, for example, mimicking the classic taste profiles of their animal-based counterparts is highly appreciated by consumers.

Some proteins create bitter, or beany off-tastes or a lack of specific organoleptic characteristics. Depending on the protein source and formulation, masking properties and effective natural flavour solutions are essential in creating well-rounded market products consumers will love.


Read our white paper to learn about the impact of the trend towards plant-based milk alternatives and the resulting sensory challenges for product development.

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