About us

We go for the interplay between creativity and application technology that allows products to enjoy life with. Thus, we enrich people’s lives with our flavours and fragrances each and every day – all day long. We look forward to being your preferred partner into the future and to writing success stories with you.

Flavour and fragrance experts

Our passion for fragrances and flavours builds on the tradition of our well-known predecessor Schimmel & Co. Where Nobel Prize winners once studied the distillation of essential oils, today dedicated employees work in Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Sales in an international environment. To protect people and the environment, product safety and sustainability are our top priorities at Bell.

Our work is focussed on innovation and efficiency. This is reflected in Bell’s state-of-the-art facilities and continuous process optimisation efforts. From the tradition-steeped house of flavours and fragrances in Leipzig/Germany, a highly innovative company with a global network and presence has arisen.

We at Bell have centered our business focus around our employees and customers to always ensure they are treated with the respect that every family member deserves.