Regulatory Affairs

Your partner in compliance

As link between R&D and you as a customer, our experienced Regulatory Affairs team ensures that our fragrance and flavour compositions comply with all applicable regulatory and declaratory requirements. Our top priority is to stay up to date in the ever-changing regulatory environment. Through our global corporate structure, we focus particularly on the different regional and national regulatory requirements.

Our Regulatory Affairs team is well informed of all changes within the industry and aims to understand and implement each client’s unique requirements. We are proud to state that we often know what you need even before you ask us.

Up to date

The demand for biodegradability of our perfume oils, especially in the detergent and cleaning agent sector, has increased immensely. Bell already offers a wide range of readily biodegradable perfume oils. Due to our access to the relevant data, we are able to make a statement regarding the percentage of readily biodegradable, biodegradable and poorly biodegradable individual components in the perfume oil. The percentage of raw materials used without data on the endpoint of biodegradability is also listed.

Organic certification
In order to meet the increased market requirements and the growing demand for organic products, Bell has had its own organic certification conducted for the production site in Leipzig. This investment enables us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of organically certified flavours and extracts based on strengthened expertise within creation, raw material sourcing, production and the regulatory specifics of organic products.

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What makes us unique

Especially in the field of fragrances, we test our perfume oils according to customer-specific restrictions and, on request, prepare safety assessments for our compositions as required for the cosmetics sector. However, many customers in the food sector also have their own specifications and requirements for our flavours. For example, in order to be able to make certain claims such as organic on the label, or to exclude the presence of certain substances in their products. We also record and check these special requirements and restrictions during the project phase.

We provide advice on the possibilities for claiming an ingredient in your end product. Considering the increasing number of product claims on body and household care products, as well as on foodstuffs, we are at your side to ensure that your product can be launched safely on the market through fast and extensive documentation.

The Regulatory Affairs Team is actively involved when it comes to certifications for e.g. various food forms (Kosher, Halal), but also for organic food. Furthermore, we support our customers in questions of suitability testing for e.g. Natrue, COSMOS, Ecolabel or EcoCert.


In order for your products to be marketed, our Regulatory Affairs department ensures that the products manufactured by Bell and the raw materials used for them comply with all applicable legal requirements and the recommendations of industry associations. This also includes conformity with the applicable REACH Regulation (1907/2006), especially for applications in the personal & home care and oral care sectors.

Association work

Included and informed

Close and active cooperation with and in various industry associations as well as with the authorities ensures timely implementation of the requirements created by European and national legislators for our products at all levels. These requirements include, for example, the testing of flavourings in the food, tobacco and animal feed sectors, but also perfume oils and plant extracts in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation, recommendations of the global umbrella organisations IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and IOFI (International Organization for Flavor Ingredients), as well as consumer protection organisations (e.g. Ökotest).

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