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We thrive on helping our customers and their brands manage the challenges of product development.

Helping you find the right flavour, fragrance or botanical is just part of the story. At Bell, we take an all-hands-on deck approach to finding solutions and creating opportunities that help you succeed. Our whole team is there for you from start to finish and beyond. Our approach is characterized by proactivity and based on a high level of customer service.

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Bell offers quality and innovative flavours for applications in beverages, bakery, confections, dairy, savoury, pet/animal care, and oral care. We offer products in liquid, powder, spray-dried and paste form. Our Flavour Technologies include product solutions to enhance the overall flavour impression, solutions to modify the sweetness or saltiness of a product and masking solutions, to mask bitter off-notes for example.

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Our unique fragrance creations are suitable for a variety of applications. Especially in the personal care segment, our customers appreciate our microplastic-free products, for example for shampoo or creams. Our oil- or water-soluble fragrances are also in demand in household and fabric care, as are encapsulations and solid formats. We also offer solutions for air fresheners such as candles, reeds or room spray. Products for pet care complete our range.

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Botanical Extracts

Providing highest quality, our range of botanical extracts is characterized by excellent sensory properties. Thus, our products create advantages for a variety of segments in personal and home care as well as food and beverages. Based on a variety of extraction methods and solvents used, we are able to offer a wide range of native extracts – even in certified organic quality.

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Ingredient Specialities

Essential oils and aroma specialities as well as natural citrus derivates make up our ingredient speciality portfolio. As competent partner, we provide a comprehensive catalogue of REACH conform raw materials.

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Bell Technologies

More than scent and aroma

Our patented technologies enable high-quality and individual flavour and fragrance solutions. Functionality and performance are key when it comes to adding value to our customers’ products.

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We take an all hands-on deck approach to finding solutions and creating opportunities that help you succeed. Our whole team is there for you from start to finish and beyond – it’s just the Bell Way of doing business.

Market Driven

We immerse ourselves in our craft to attain deep knowledge of market dynamics and analyse consumer insights so we can build a base for creating successful market products as well as functional solutions for current market needs.


We prepare trend presentations to help guide your product development and share important insights from our Spark program to inspire future product innovations.