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We put a strong emphasis on raw materials that are compliant with food-legislation and thus, can be applied to a wide variety of ingredients within the food and beverage industry. Our extensive portfolio contributes significantly to secure characteristic sensory profiles within flavour components for beverages, confectionery and bakery products, dairy products or seasonings. Due to their broad applicability, our products primarily ensure outstanding taste above all and are invariably aligned with today‘s consumer demands regarding indulgence and authenticity. At the same time, targeting naturalness is key for Bell’s current and future developments.

Furthermore, we supply a comprehensive portfolio of Ingredient Specialities for the animal feed sector.

Our portfolio of Ingredient Specialities for flavours meets the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH regulation) because they are solely manufactured (and imported) for REACH exempted use. Therefore, according to Article 2(5)(b) of REACH regulation, their use is restricted to the flavouring of food, feed, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Product Portfolio

Carboxylic Acid Esters

The production of carboxylic acid esters represents one of Bell‘s major strengths. Within the scope of this product category we supply a diverse range of distinct taste profiles – ranging from fruity notes to flavour components with a minty and green profile. As esters are used extensively in the flavour industry, our ester product range is applicable in a majority of sectors within it.

Esters of 2-Methylbutyric Acid

Our expertise in aroma chemicals is appreciably characterised by the production of methylbutyric acid, which in turn enables us to produce the esters thereof in a highly efficient manner. The acid and its esters are applicable for use in fruity flavours, with a particular focus on tropical fruit profiles, as well as berry notes. In addition, the products are also suitable for the creation of characteristic cheese profiles.

Citrus Derivatives

Bell‘s broad product portfolio of citrus derivatives is based on the natural essential oils that comprise them. Within this category, we differentiate between Destols™ and Extrols™. Our Destols™ are concentrated citrus oils with a lower terpene content compared to the original oil. They are produced by concentration via rectification. Bell’s line of Extrols™ consists of citrus oil extracts in an alcohol-water mixture, obtained by a liquid-liquid extraction process.

Our citrus derivatives ensure multifaceted sensory profiles, which coupled with their excellent stability, allow for a myriad of possible uses within the flavour and food sector, especially for the development of clean label products. Nuances of classic taste directions such as lemon, lime and orange or even grapefruit and bitter orange, as well as the combination and use of our Extrols™ enable the creation of natural, fruity and refreshing taste profiles. In addition to the application within a wide range of product segments, citrus derivatives are commonly utilized in ingredients for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Butter Specialities

Butter derivatives and esters are an essential base within the flavour segment. They provide a full-bodied taste and are also useful for rounding off sensory profiles in various product categories and flavour applications. Bell offers a portfolio of butter flavours, characterised by its versatility and flexibility for use as raw materials in various food applications and ingredients.

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