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Bell offers an extensive portfolio of products for final application in household and personal care, and fine fragrances. Hence, we deliver a diverse range of fragrances for various product creations. Our range of products can make significant contributions toward meeting sophisticated consumer requirements and ever-rising quality standards of modern perfumery.

Our portfolio of Ingredient Specialities for fragrances meets the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH regulation) because of limiting manufactured (and imported) volume for REACH relevant use to < 1 ton/year. Therefore, according to article 6(1) of REACH regulation these substances do not need to be REACH registered by Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH.

Product Portfolio

Carboxylic Acid Esters & Acetals

Based on our superior expertise in the production of carboxylic acid esters and acetals, we can offer a multitude of product variants with distinct fruit- or gourmand notes. Our portfolio ranges from esters with a green fragrance profile to various floral scents and fruity profiles that are suitable for a plethora of fragrance creations.

Rootanol Derivatives

Bell‘s portfolio of rootanol derivatives includes the aromatic alcohol rootanol, produced in-house, as well as carboxylic acid esters made from this alcohol. The entire product range impresses with a unique fragrance characteristic stemming from an earthy rainforest base note. Their sensory range is what renders these products particularly versatile. An appropriate combination of the rootanol and its esters can create a wide range of rainforest fragrances in the end applications.

Schiff‘s Bases

Bell has many years of experience in the manufacturing of Schiff‘s bases. These condensation products of various aldehydes and methyl anthranilate are characterised by high adhesion and stability within the end application, due to their high boiling point. Our product portfolio includes a myriad of floral notes, creating a unique experience in fragrances for household care products, in particular.

Citrus Derivatives

Bell’s range of citrus derivatives for fragrances is based on the natural essential oils that comprise them. We differentiate between Destols™ and Extrols™. Our Destols™ are concentrated citrus oils with a lower terpene content compared to the original oil. They are produced by concentration via rectification. Bell’s line of Extrols™ consists of citrus oil extracts in an alcohol-water mixture, which are gained by a liquid-liquid extraction process. Due to the diverse sensory profile and the excellent stability of our citrus derivatives, they can be utilized to round off a wide range of fragrances and their end applications.

Extract Specialities

Our extensive portfolio is rounded off by the creation of fragrance specialities based on natural raw materials, such as resins. Odour-relevant aroma substances are extracted from the resin using gentle extraction processes. Following the removal of the extraction agent by distillation, the resin extracts can be used in the form of Extrols™ in a suitable odourless solvent and applied to a wide assortment of fragrance end-uses. Alternatively, Bell’s resin extracts can be produced in the form of fixoresins as ethanolic solutions. Within this process, the odour-giving components are fixed in the final product after evaporation of the alcohol.

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