Tobacco, Oral Care & Medical Ingredients

For a pleasant mouthfeel

For the sensory enrichment of flavour components in applications such as tobacco products, oral care products or medical devices, we offer an extensive repertoire of products that meet the specific requirements of these categories, whilst providing a rounded sensory characteristic. A particular field of expertise for Bell is the creation of citric, fresh notes as well as fruity profiles.

Our portfolio of Ingredient Specialities for flavours for tobacco, oral care and medical devices meets the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH regulation) because of limiting manufactured (and imported) volume for REACH relevant use to < 1 ton/year. Therefore, according to article 6(1) of REACH regulation these substances do not need to be REACH registered by Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH.

Product Portfolio

Carboxylic Acid Esters and Acetals

Our competence and knowledge in the field of carboxylic acid esters and acetals is reflected in a versatile product portfolio. Various fruit and gourmand notes, floral profiles and green flavour components of esters enrich product developments in various categories and are primarily used in ingredients for tobacco products.

Citrus Derivatives

Bell‘s product portfolio of citrus derivatives is differentiated between Destols™ and ExtrolsTM. Our Destols™ are concentrated citrus oils with a lower terpene content compared to the original oil. They are produced by concentration via rectification. Due to the excellent stability, as well as the diverse sensory profile of our citrus derivatives, they offer a multitude of applicational possibilities. Bell’s Destols™ ensure striking taste experiences, specifically within flavour components for tobacco, shisha-tobacco and further products within this segment.

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