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Flavour Technologies

Bell´s tailor-made flavours and extracts are created by combining the most diverse of components: the creativity and technological expertise of our flavourists, the development of market-relevant and future-oriented applications and focus on lifestyle-driven consumer demands. Delivering solutions based on authenticity, naturalness (clean labelling) and indulgence, Bell´s portfolio of flavour technologies provides both, high functionality and excellent taste.


Focus on Functionality

  • Expertise in taste solutions
  • Target group centred flavour creation
  • Consumer health consciousness


Creating Values

  • Reducing CIU
  • Naturalness (flavours, extracts)
  • Sensational taste (authenticity & freshness)
  • Sugar & salt reduction
  • Masking


Amongst others, we provide flavour solutions for the following technologies:

Functional taste solutions for sugar reduction

Sugar reduction is one of the central topics of the food and beverage industry. Political restrictions and consumers' increasing health awareness are demanding for reformulations – creating major challenges for manufacturers, as not only technical product properties are affected, but above all the perception of taste, mouthfeel and texture. As a valuable partner, Bell offers functional solutions to this problematic that are in line with consumers' clean labelling expectations.

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Clean Label Flavour Solutions

By unifying our creative expertise in savoury solutions with the scientific understanding of umami, Bell was able to develop a range of natural umami flavours that is especially designed for the use in clean label food products to work as a natural alternative to MSG or other taste enhancers and will help new product developments to face the challenges of today´s food business. Bell´s natural umami flavours provide a savoury taste, a rounded mouthfeel and impart a full-bodied perception of taste.

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Clouding Module: 
For creating cloudy beers and beer mixers

The beer category is constantly evolving. It is driven by premiumisation, the ongoing health & wellness trend as well as an increasing market demand for low and non-alcoholic beers, which is creating a strong need for functional product developments. Bell's Clouding Module therefore answers consumers demand for more cloudy, natural and visually appealing beers and beer mixers.

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Providing Solutions – Delivering Benefit

Flavour Harmonisation/Reformulation

Harmonisation Process

  • Understanding taste preferences and brand portfolio needs
  • Flavour evaluation
  • Recipe adjustment

Creating Values

  • Reducing complexity
  • Increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Developing an iconic flavour set based on consumer preferences (e.g.: building block system)

Portfolio Optimisation

Optimisation Approach

  • Targeting/identifying brand
  • Flavour iconing
  • Flavour evaluation
  • Applying flavour house expertise

Creating Values

  • Slimming down ingredients list (transparency)
  • Applying taste solutions
  • Providing clean label and helping with regulatory restrictions

Consumer & Market Insights

Market Understanding

  • Trends mapping
  • Target group profiling
  • Segment analysis & benchmarking
  • Consumer needs and expectations (e.g. claim, labelling)

Creating Values

  • Increasing consumer acceptance
  • Authentic consumer products in line with brand identity
  • Delivering innovation & novelties
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