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Bell MikroChips®

Bringing Air Care Ideas to Life

Europe represents the largest regional market for air fresheners worldwide. One of the major drivers for this growth has been product innovation and portfolio extension. After all, home fragrance reflects lifestyle and personality more than ever.

Bell MikroChips® are a finished product designed for modern air care products both in the home and in professional air care. The structure of the pastilles allows a high level of actives making them very cost-effective for manufacturers.

For the consumer, Bell MikroChips® are an ideal option to experiment with their own her favourite scents. In fragrance lamps or wardrobe fresheners different scents can be mixed in a convenient way. In the field of professional air care, the patented chips are ideal to fill air conditioning systems in public spaces like hotels or in means of public transportation, like trains or airplanes.


  • home and car: fragrance lamps, electrical airfresheners, closets fresheners, shoe fresheners
  • professional: air conditioning systems, vacuum cleaners

Product Profile:

  • smooth pearls with an average size of approx. 3–6 mm
  • combines volatile active and solid carrier material


Product Advantages


  • high level of actives 
  • broad range of intense fragrances


  • protection of ingredients
  • non-oiling quality


  • no spilling
  • good to dose
  • attractive for packaging