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Scenti Master Batch / Pastilles

Solid Perfection for Scented Candles

Scented candles are an integral part of home fragrances, as they make people feel comfy at home. This might be one reason why sales of candle air fresheners enjoys solid growth across all European markets.

Scenti Master Batch is a fragrance compound designed exclusively for candles. Thus, the product meets the very special requirements of this application. It allows manufacturers to incorporate fragrances into their product easily and at the same time enhance its overall quality. Another plus for candles with Scenti Master Batch as fragrance compound is their intensity. Different than liquid bases, the product allows dosages higher than five percent. Consumers benefit from a candle that does not lose any oil or fragrance before being lit.

The product is available either as homogenous compound or as pastilles. The latter are even easier to process, due to the loose form and a lower melting point.

  • candles

Product Profile:

  • optionally homogenous compound or pastilles
  • consisting of fragrance concentrate and carrier material
  • to be incorporated highly concentrated into the candle


Product Advantages


  • great burning behaviour
  • pleasant handling
  • high perfume dosage
  • suitable for all usual candle technologies


  • high scent binding ability
  • full fragrance release only when candle is burning


  • easy handling, incorporation and portioning
  • ideal storage properties
  • increased flash point
  • non-flammable liquid