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Botanical Extracts for Food and Beverage Products

Preserving the best of nature‘s ingredients, botanical extracts address today‘s health-savvy and wellness-seeking consumers. Based on responsible sourcing, extensive research and development and our state-of-the-art extraction methods, we are able to provide both functionality and sensory value.

Naturalness, transparency and clean(est) labelling are key for consumers. Hence, ingredients need to obtain sensory appealing attributes and provide a declaration as natural as possible. Being derived from a 100% natural source, extracts can keep up with today’s high consumer expectations and product needs.

Bell is proud to underline its extensive expertise in botanical extracts and offers a diverse range of products that aim to create depictional advantages for a variety of segments in the food and beverage industry, including beverages, bakery products, confectionary, dairy products and savoury products.  



“From first ideation, to sourcing, product development, regulatory support and trial production – we believe in a partnership approach to create successful market and product concepts together with our customers.”


Responsible sourcing and careful extraction methods

Creating successful products relies on highest quality ingredients and technological expertise. Responsible sourcing therefore sets the basis for all of our actions. With a diverse range of gentle extraction methods, we are taking care that all sensory attributes and values of the natural botanicals used are kept and can be integrated into your product development. We are able to generate extracts in liquid or solid form, providing a plethora of end uses.

Expertise in product creation and application

We are keen on applying our flavour-house expertise, helping our customers master the process of developing valuable market products. Together with our botanical expert team, our flavourists and application technologists aim to develop market-conform and sensory attractive products that fulfil your specific requirements. Exploiting potential synergies whenever possible, we are providing tailored solutions for a myriad of product segments.

Defining market success through integrated solutions

From the first ideation to your successful product launch – we are happy to support every step of this journey. Evaluating market dynamics, consumer insights and trends and transferring those into product innovations is part of our partnership approach. At the same time, we are able to guide you through regulatory requirements and industrial scale-up – offering support via Bell’s extensive global network in manufacturing and retail.


Botanical solutions for winning product concepts

  • 100% based on natural ingredients: guaranteeing clean(est) labelling
  • Depictional advantages for increasing consumer acceptance
  • Broad portfolio and wide applicability in various product segments and formulations (liquid and solid extracts)
  • Integrated solutions for realising tailored product concepts, incl. sourcing, product testing and go-to-market strategy
  • High expertise in extraction, product development and applicational technologies
  • Recipe formulation and re-formulation, industrial scale-up
  • Regulatory support and comprehensive documentation
  • High focus on innovation and consumer needs: helping to create future-oriented market products


Discover our portfolio

Providing highest quality, our range of botanical extracts is as diverse as it is unique. Based on a variety of extraction methods and solvents used, we are able to provide native extracts, concentrates, standardised extracts, dry extracts and distillates as well as single-ingredient extracts and blends. Made from conventional or certified raw materials, our portfolio delivers a distinct character and functional benefits in the form of declaration possibilities.

Herbs & Spices
Fruits, Citrus Fruits & Berries
Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee & Tea
Roots, leaves and other plant parts
Specialities & Blends


Let us help you find a botanical solution for your individual product needs:

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