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Spark – Global Trends Programme

The Origin of Imagination.

Spark is your guide to what’s next and provides the foundation to excite, enliven, and ignite your creativity. Our global trend platform represents Bell’s source of creativity and the future of what’s to come in the flavour and fragrance industry. As a trend toolkit, Spark provides a multi-faceted understanding of the consumer. It delivers a comprehensive knowledge of the global culinary influences, market dynamics, olfactive landscape and innovations that are shaping the future of flavours, fragrances and ingredients.

Our Spark Trends 2021 and beyond touch on all areas from overall wellness to reward and indulgence. They focus on paying it forward to mother earth and the ways consumers have engaged with each other in the new virtual environment we’ve all had to endure. Finally, the platform speaks to a state of escapism where we are seeing new ways flavours, fragrances and botanicals are being used by consumers to experience the exotic and the familiar from their own homes.


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From Macro to Micro

Bell's global trend programme includes macro and micro trends identifying both the fads we see today in popular culture, but also the core behavior values, market drivers and technology advancements that will last into next year and beyond. For the EMEA market, Bell presents 15 specific micro trends that will be heart and soul of the company’s upcoming product novelties.

The micro trends are the current or future years to come fads that consumers experience and help to create based upon what is happening in the world today. They are identified by specific actions or changes in market or consumer dynamics and are seen in current day culture. Micro trends evolve from the larger macro trends and are tied to specific markets, categories, flavours, fragrances and botanicals.

Finding Silver Linings  

Treat Ourselves With Delight

Pampering rewards and lavish experiences feel thrilling yet strangely satisfying. Finding the silver lining in each day by reminisce, cherishing traditions or embarking on new paths leads to a sense of purpose and delight. The micro trends Nostalgia, Enjoying Rewards and Homestyle represent these moments of pleasure in exciting flavours and fragrances.

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Well Balanced

A New Lense Of Optimal Holistic Health

The wellness trend is continuously evolving as consumers focus on optimising nutrition, personal care, and fitness, through a new lens of optimal holistic health. Moods & Emotions, Self Care and Protection are current micro trends to be filled with life in the upcoming seasons in order to contribute to consumers personal well-being.

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New Realities Through The Senses

Boundaries between real life and fantasy blur while daydreaming about faraway places and adventures or rediscovering the charms about the familiar places and scenes. We summarise these feelings in our micro trends Getaway, Multisensorial and Rediscover. All of them represent wonderful escapes through taste and smell.

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Together Apart

New Concepts Of Togetherness

While the distance between people, both physically and emotionally, has increased exponentially, connections have become more robust. Thus, Connectivity appears as one of our micro trends together with Innovation  emphasising the value of technology. After all, The Joy of Missing Out complements these micro trends with a focus on me time.

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Global Consciousness  

Pay It Forward To Mother Earth

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a way of life. Consumer’s increasing health-consciousness and growing interest in naturalness fuels organic and plant-based alternatives as well as locally produced goods. Accordingly, our micro trends Essentially Organic, Plant-based Everything and Hyper Regionality offer suitable flavours and fragrances.

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Translating our Spark Trends into sophisticated flavour and fragrance compositions

We are happy to give you further insights into our global Spark programme and the relating flavours and fragrances to be used within your future product developments.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your next product ideation:



Our approach

Bell’s Spark Trends platform tells us a lot about where we’ve come from and where we are heading on this journey. The same questions continue to arise year over year; how can we determine what is to come in this rapidly changing world? How are consumers changing? What are the next big flavours, fragrances and botanicals? To answer these questions, we look at the roots of the consumer’s cultural and personal mindset to determine the foundational behaviours that are driving their everyday actions. Our global collaboration allows us to identify and translate these drivers into flavours, fragrances and botanicals that delight consumers. We combine this deep understanding of the consumer with a comprehensive knowledge of the global culinary influences, market dynamics and innovations that are shaping how consumers behave, what they consume and what the future of flavours, fragrances and ingredients will look like.

Food Matters Live Virtual Event 2020

Join us at Food Matters Live Virtual Event 2020!

We are excited to be part of this year’s Food Matter Live virtual event! Taking place on 13 and 14 October 2020, the #foodmatterslive virtual experience will provide an opportunity to explore the latest innovative ingredient and taste solutions, join live webcasts and Q&A sessions and meet our Bell team in online 1-2-1 meetings.

Being a virtual exhibitor, we are happy to schedule individual meetings to discuss our range of functional taste solutions and sophisticated flavour trends for beverages, sweet goods, dairy and savoury products.

Whether you are looking for reducing the sugar content of your product, increasing the taste of your plant-based meat or dairy alternative or searching for innovative flavour creations and botanical extracts to develop successful, clean market products based on the latest taste and consumer trends, we are happy to support every step of your development phase.

Based on our strong focus on naturalness, health & well-being and innovation, our team is passionate to support your product innovation with a strong expertise in flavour creation, application technology, market insights and regulatory support.

Register now and schedule a meeting with us to discuss your individual product needs: 

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Bell EMEA: Statement on the Corona Situation

The pandemic of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is concerning and troubling for us all. Since the situation with the virus began to develop, Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA has increased measures to help prevent its spread, thus protecting the health of our employees, suppliers and customers.

In response to COVID-19, we have taken measures that apply to the entire company. These measures are based on the recommendations of renowned authorities such as the World Health Organization, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the Federal Ministry of Health. General hygiene measures have been strengthened. Our entire organization has been sensitized and trained to comply with all necessary regulations. We have taken the same hygiene precautions for our partners during visits, including transport and logistics.

Besides, we have extended or introduced models such as working from home or flexible working hours for our employees. Business trips and meetings have been replaced by alternative forms of communication.

We also work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure the supply of our products. Based on the measures and precautions mentioned above, we can ensure the continuity of our business.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our communication and working methods in the coming weeks, following the guidelines and recommendations of the organizations and authorities mentioned above.

Our team will remain at your disposal via phone and email, ensuring to deliver continuous service.


Bell at Fi Europe 2019

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA focuses on functionality and innovation at Food ingredients Europe 2019 in Paris

At this year’s Food ingredients Europe, the world’s leading food and beverage ingredients show, Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA presents a range of taste solutions with a strong focus on naturalness, health & well-being and innovation. From 3 to 5 December, Bell will showcase taste solutions for sugar reduction, innovative product concepts based on hemp as well as flavour inspirations for snack seasonings, meat products, confectionery and beverage products – delivering inspirations for a variety of industry applications.


Combining taste and functionality at FiE 2019

On the upcoming industry event, Bell Flavors & Fragrances strongly focuses on product solutions that respond to evolving consumer needs and answer to major market dynamics. Bell therefore presents its latest product developments for sugar reduction via demonstrating its “REDsugar” portfolio. The range of natural flavours is specifically aimed to deliver a taste solution for sugar reduction in beverages, dairy applications, ice cream, bakery products and sauces. It has been created to help keeping key sensory characteristics within the various applications and highlight the sweetness, while delivering a positive impact on mouthfeel and texture perception. The variety of natural flavours focuses on clean label product developments and contributes to a decrease of the sugar content by at least 30%, depending on the application 

Next to sugar reduction, Bell also focuses on natural taste profiles for the category of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer products, demonstrating beer flavour profiles and hops extracts that deliver authentic sensory characteristics as well as functional attributes. The range is complemented by a technical solution for creating cloudy beer products. 

Further to this, Bell targets the combination of natural ingredients and culinary taste profiles in order to deliver convincing solutions for savoury product developments. With its range of natural beef flavours, Bell caters to the growing market needs for beef-flavoured product varieties in the EMEA region and also demonstrates its competency in creating iconic meat profiles.

Addressing market needs and consumer trends with innovative product creations

Underlining its vision of being the partner of choice for creating winning product concepts, Bell is focusing on product developments to define or differentiate the final taste of a product and to deliver inspiring flavour solutions for answering trends within the food and beverage sector. At FiE, Bell therefore presents a range of flavour creations aimed at various market trends

A special highlight at this year’s show is Bell EMEAs new natural range of characteristic hemp flavours and extracts that are created according to the current growth of hemp-based product developments across all product segments within the F&B industry. The range therefore is in-line with consumers’ expectations for clean label products and their associations with hemp as a superfood.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances will further present a comprehensive portfolio of trend-inspired concepts for snack seasonings, RTD tea, confectionery products as well as other segments – delivering innovative ideas for expanding manufacturers’ product portfolio and for developing successful market products.


Get in touch with taste.

With a new and extended booth design, Bell reflects a natural look and feel and further aims to engage multiple senses by demonstrating versatile flavour experiences that also deliver a culinary appeal. Visit us at booth 6-J141 and experience our vast portfolio of flavours and taste solutions for expanding your product range and for developing successful market products in line with current consumer needs. Meet up with our team of sales representatives, creation and marketing experts to discuss your individual needs.


Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA at Fi Europe 2019:

Booth: 6-J141
3 - 5 December 2019
Villepinte Parc des Expositions
>> Register here for FiE 2019 


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