Bell Fragrance Trends 2023/24
20 March 2023 Innovation Fragrances

Vibrant Variety: Bell presents 2023/24 fragrance trends

With Newstalgia and Living Diversity, Bell EMEA presents two new and versatile trends. The first focuses on a particular form of nostalgia that uniquely captures the lifestyle feeling of the 1990s – a vibrant decade defined by healthy self-confidence. “Living Diversity”, on the other hand, is the fragrance experts’ interpretation of a trend that feeds on the need for self-determination and, at the same time, offers a platform to celebrate the full diversity of human existence. From an olfactory point of view, both trends cover a broad spectrum and combine familiar notes with new accents.


Retro trends stem from the need for familiarity. A vibrant decade like the 90s also comes with a high fun factor. No current playlist is complete without Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys or the Spice Girls. Then add in bold beauty and fashion trends such as cropped tops and flashy eyeshadow in bright colours. Also the fragrances of the 90s are back: vanilla and coconut are everywhere. Fragrant lip gloss, fruity body sprays, flowery fabric softener and floral-sweet perfumes are celebrating a comeback.

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Awakening feelings of nostalgia

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t there the first time: Nostalgia is a state of mind. Unlike the nostalgia that helped to console us during the recession, today’s nostalgia is something very different: Fashion, objects and popular culture of the past are being romanticised, particularly in the minds of people who are too young to have experienced them the first time around. In view of the hectic pace of life today and our online culture, the time it takes for things to become “nostalgic” is growing ever shorter. The past that is sentamentalised could be several decades ago or just a few months.


A warm feeling towards a new product arises when fragments from the past are combined with elements from the present.

Olfactory journey through time

The new Bell perfume oils bring together familiar notes reminiscent of typical aspects of a well-loved decade with accents from the present day. The result is contemporary compositions that combine the fragrance of joy and light-heartedness with a pinch of nostalgia. This works particularly well in creations with a pleasantly sweet vanilla or woody note. The addition of fruity accents gives these compositions the necessary freshness. This way, old and new impressions merge to provide a new and memorable fragrance experience.

Examples of this are Lambada Summer which combines gooseberry and grape, and Lava Bounce with its inspirational strawberry and kiwi in the heart and top notes. Statement fragrances such as Liquorice Pop with tonka, liquorice and black pepper are also among the new compositions for body care products. Fresh and fruity is also in the air for fragrances developed for laundry detergents. For example, Freshmaker combines vanilla and coconut with cucumber flowers and cardamom. Macarena is based on red fruits such as raspberry, cassis and strawberry that provide nostalgic as well as fruity-fresh elements.

Living Diversity

The essence of Bell’s Living Diversity trend is based on a philosophy that views diversity, integration and equality as central values. The colourful diversity of the 90s is paralleled by today’s emphasis on individual uniqueness. As society’s understanding of gender roles becomes ever more nuanced, new product development focuses on gender-neutrality and suitability for a diverse customer base, as well as support of minority groups. These ideas are not new, but they are gaining in significance, partly in response to traditional worldviews. Tolerance and respect build the bridge for different kinds of people and lifestyles to connect with one another.

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Cross-scenting: More than unisex

Bell’s new fragrance compositions create more than just an olfactory experience. The creations are all named after the central values of a world shaped by diversity and are designed to transport this very message of diversity and mutual acceptance. The fragrances uniquely and powerfully reflect the central elements of this trend: freedom and ease.

Bell sees its diversity fragrances as a further development of the well-known unisex theme that is characterised by its universal appeal. As cross-scenting fragrances, such compositions thrive on their complexity. Citrus notes are combined with flowery or fresh elements. During the scent sequence, the main focus shifts so the fragrances cannot be assigned to either classically feminine or typically masculine categories.

Fragrances without borders

Hidden within the creations called Appreciation, Awareness and Equality, for example, are combinations of both masculine and feminine notes suitable for conventional cosmetics. Using elements such as amber, bergamot, lemon, vanilla, musk and cedar wood, they offer elegant interpretations of this trend. For use in natural cosmetics, Bell offers its compositions entitled Variety NatScent and Expression NatScent which are best defined by their subtlety.

After all, it is also worth extending product ranges in the household care segment to include modern fragrances that reflect the diversity trend. There are gaps to be closed, especially in the category of laundry detergents. Fragrances such as Identity, Reflection and Visibility are just a few of the new creations that Bell has not labelled according to the classical definition of masculine or feminine. They are also equally well-suited to more masculine washing detergents: less floral and dominated by maritime notes and woody elements such as patchouli. Some perfume compositions even include the scent of chocolate.

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Our marketing and perfumery team has put together a selection of new compositions for conventional skin- and haircare products as well as for natural cosmetics. The perfume oils are suitable for use in both rinse-off and leave-on applications. Furthermore, new fragrances are available for liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Would you like to find out more or do some testing of your own?

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