K-Beauty and dopamine guarantors (SEPAWA)
10 October 2023 General / fairs

Bell EMEA focuses on K-Beauty trend and feel good fragrances

Bell EMEA will once again be represented at SEPAWA, the industry congress of the German fragrance industry, from 25 to 27 October in Berlin. With “The Allure of K-Beauty”, “Dopamine Crush” and “Gourmand Explosion”, the fragrance experts will present new collections for current trends in face, body and household care.

For a natural look

Flawless skin and a natural look without a lot of make-up are the epitome of the South Korean beauty trend, K-Beauty. The social media hype around “glass skin” has turned the trend into a movement, thanks to compelling influencers and an active online community. Bell’s new collection, “The Allure of K-Beauty”, reflects the theme with nurturing notes associated with traditional and modern ingredients around K-Beauty. From ginseng and liquorice to rice and moringa, facial care manufacturers in particular will find fragrances and extracts that have been developed to contain a minimum of allergens and can therefore be used without declaration.

In a good mood

Consumers are no longer willing to give the gloom a chance. This is evident in many areas of the FMCG industry. Fragrances play a key role. In both personal care and air fresheners, brands are now turning to notes that are said to have a mood-lifting effect.

Bell’s new concept “Dopamine Crush” taps into the trend of using the feel-good hormone dopamine in personal care products. Where fashion brands and interior designers rely on colour blocking, Bell’s perfumers use fruity, bright scents.

Compositions with names such as Vibrant Citrus Symphony, Carnival of Fruits and Life is Mangoficent promise to bring joy to the living. Garden Full Of Flowers, Each Day Beach Day and Festival Of Happiness are part of the new line of natural fragrances that are particularly suitable for natural cosmetics.

Bell is also introducing “Gourmand Explosion”, a candle concept that combines fragrance and visual impact to bring a smile to the lips. The fragrances, which are inspired by popular foods such as ice cream, chocolate, popcorn and coconut, are particularly well suited to playful and nostalgic candles. The visual language chosen by Bell’s marketing experts, where fruit and colour explosions merge, provides inspiration for extraordinary scented candles.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA at SEPAWA Congress:
25 27 October  2023

Booth: A193/A202 
ECC Estrel Congress Center

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