New Feel Good Fragrances
11 March 2024 Innovation Fragrances

Just feeling great: Bell's new feel-good fragrances

Personal care products that enhance well-being, improve mental health and reduce stress are in vogue. With our new Dopamine Crush and Soul Scents fragrance collections, we present suitable compositions for shower gel, hair shampoo, creams and fine fragrances.

Dopamine Crush

Our new fruity and radiant feel-good fragrances don’t give the everyday blues a chance. Invigorating, citrusy compositions such as Citrus Symphony and Carnival of Fruits are as much a part of the new personal care collection as the familiar notes of jasmine and lavender. They are all said to stimulate the release of the feel-good hormone dopamine, promoting a sense of well-being. The fragrances are suitable for both conventional personal care products and certified natural cosmetics. Matching plant extracts complete the new collection.

Soul Scents

Sensual fragrances for beguilingly subtle scents that promise a positive mood and a good attitude to life. Alongside musky notes, which convey a feeling of warmth and security with their sweet, animalic components, and reinterpreted classics such as vanilla, sandalwood and lavender, new notes such as mastic will surprise you. The White Soul composition transports you to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. Mastic is harvested on the island of Chios. The transparent resin provides the balsamic-fresh fragrance, which is given a special summery lightness by the salty lemon components.

Feel good fragrances for your product

Discover our new fragrance collections. We will be happy to put together a selection to suit your needs. We offer perfume oils for conventional personal care products, fine fragrances and natural cosmetics.

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