Pet Food Catalogue
15 May 2024 Innovation Flavours

Great Taste for our furry friends:

Bells Pet Food Flavour Catalogue

The pet food market has been experiencing significant growth worldwide, driven by various factors including rising pet ownership, increasing consumer awareness about pet health, and the humanization of pets. In this field flavours have gained a fundamental position as they play a key role in increasing the palatability or masking bad aftertastes and odours, especially in times where plant-based pet nutrition is on the rise with its various new protein sources.

Key trends

Currently the main trends that can be observed in pet food products are Premiumization, Humanization, Health & Wellness as well as Provenance, Naturalness & Sustainability. Next to all these influences manufacturers need to make sure to differentiate themselves from the strong and growing competition.

At Bell we constantly seek to create authentic, intense and market-oriented flavour varieties to deliver high-quality product solutions. Whether its dry pet food, wet pet food or snacks, providing tailor-made flavour solutions designed to fulfil your market requirements and declaratory needs is our major goal.


If you want to know more about the importance of flavours for pet food, what is behind the mentioned trends and how Bell caters to the challenges you should have a look at our Pet Food Flavour Catalogue.

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