Plant Future: Cheese
9 July 2024 Innovation Flavours

Plant Future: Cheese

Driven by the global health and wellness trend, the market for plant-based foods is growing continuously – numerous product innovations are conquering the shelves worldwide. However, the development of plant-based products is a challenge. Taste, nutritional value, naturalness and many other factors – all of these are important to consumers and must be carefully considered by manufacturers if they want to survive in this demanding industry.

Reasons for consuming plant-based dairy

When it comes to food, plant-based motivations are often discussed in three major areas: Health, sustainability and animal welfare. Studies show that on a global level, health is the most important motivation. “Feeling healthier” is the most common answer for eating meat and dairy alternatives, and the top four reasons for eating plant-based foods are all health-oriented.

While taste and texture are still the most important purchasing criteria for plant-based cheese products, the nutritional profile is still of great importance and has gained in importance over the years. Naturalness and sustainability are the third and fourth criteria that consumers consider when buying plant-based cheese products.


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