Spark – Global Trends Programme

Inspiration, forecasts and trends for 2021 and the coming years

Spark is your guide to what’s next and provides the foundation to excite, enliven, and ignite your creativity. Our global trend platform represents Bell’s source of creativity and the future of what’s to come in the flavour and fragrance industry. As a trend toolkit, Spark provides a multi-faceted understanding of the consumer. It delivers a comprehensive knowledge of the global culinary influences, market dynamics, olfactive landscape and innovations that are shaping the future of flavours, fragrances and ingredients.

Our Spark Trends 2021 and beyond touch on all areas from overall wellness to reward and indulgence. They focus on paying it forward to mother earth and the ways consumers have engaged with each other in the new virtual environment we’ve all had to endure. Finally, the platform speaks to a state of escapism where we are seeing new ways flavours, fragrances and botanicals are being used by consumers to experience the exotic and the familiar from their own homes.

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From Macro to Micro

Bell’s global trend programme includes macro and micro trends identifying both the fads we see today in popular culture, but also the core behavior values, market drivers and technology advancements that will last into next year and beyond. For the EMEA market, Bell presents 15 specific micro trends that will be heart and soul of the company’s upcoming product novelties.

The micro trends are the current or future years to come fads that consumers experience and help to create based upon what is happening in the world today. They are identified by specific actions or changes in market or consumer dynamics and are seen in current day culture. Micro trends evolve from the larger macro trends and are tied to specific markets, categories, flavours, fragrances and botanicals.

Finding Silver Linings

Treat ourselves with delight

Pampering rewards and lavish experiences feel thrilling yet strangely satisfying. Finding the silver lining in each day by reminisce, cherishing traditions or embarking on new paths leads to a sense of purpose and delight. The micro trends Nostalgia, Enjoying Rewards and Homestyle represent these moments of pleasure in exciting flavours and fragrances.

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Well Balanced

A new lense of optimal holistic health

The wellness trend is continuously evolving as consumers focus on optimising nutrition, personal care, and fitness, through a new lens of optimal holistic health. Moods & Emotions, Self Care and Protection are current micro trends to be filled with life in the upcoming seasons in order to contribute to consumers personal well-being.

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New realities through the senses

Boundaries between real life and fantasy blur while daydreaming about faraway places and adventures or rediscovering the charms about the familiar places and scenes. We summarise these feelings in our micro trends Getaway, Multisensorial and Rediscover. All of them represent wonderful escapes through taste and smell.

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Together Apart

New concepts of togetherness

While the distance between people, both physically and emotionally, has increased exponentially, connections have become more robust. Thus, Connectivity appears as one of our micro trends together with Innovation  emphasising the value of technology. After all, The Joy of Missing Out complements these micro trends with a focus on me time.

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Global Consciousness

Pay it forward to mother earth

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a way of life. Consumer’s increasing health-consciousness and growing interest in naturalness fuels organic and plant-based alternatives as well as locally produced goods. Accordingly, our micro trends Essentially Organic, Plant-based Everything and Hyper Regionality offer suitable flavours and fragrances.

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Translating our Spark Trends into sophisticated flavour and fragrance compositions

We are happy to give you further insights into our global Spark programme and the relating flavours and fragrances to be used within your future product developments.

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Our approach

Bell’s Spark Trends platform tells us a lot about where we’ve come from and where we are heading on this journey. The same questions continue to arise year over year; how can we determine what is to come in this rapidly changing world? How are consumers changing? What are the next big flavours, fragrances and botanicals? To answer these questions, we look at the roots of the consumer’s cultural and personal mindset to determine the foundational behaviours that are driving their everyday actions.

Our global collaboration allows us to identify and translate these drivers into flavours, fragrances and botanicals that delight consumers. We combine this deep understanding of the consumer with a comprehensive knowledge of the global culinary influences, market dynamics and innovations that are shaping how consumers behave, what they consume and what the future of flavours, fragrances and ingredients will look like.