Sweet and Savoury Twists
17 June 2024 Innovation Flavours

Sweet and Savoury Twists for Sauces and Condiments

The market for sauces and condiments is experiencing dynamic growth and development worldwide, driven by changing consumer tastes, increasing interest in international cuisine and rising demand for convenience products. In addition, it is impossible to imagine the market without natural products, more sustainable offerings or healthy versions of already well-known and popular brands.  

Key Driver

The undisputed primary reason consumers buy and repurchase sauces and condiments is great taste. While “great taste” can come in different forms, for example, a beloved and long-standing nostalgic American hot sauce or an all-new, cross-category inspired flavour combination of cranberry, spicy cinnamon and chili – the appearance may differ, but the consumer need that wants to be met is the same.

Bell has an extensive range of functional solutions that can help reduce the sugar or salt content in sauces and condiments. We also have natural or even certified organic product solutions that enable clean labelling.

But we never forget that it is important to always look for new flavours or unknown flavour combinations to help our customers develop successful products with exciting taste.

Want to taste it?

If you would like to discover our latest range of sweet and spicy flavour combinations such as cranberry, spicy cinnamon and chili… or the fusion of oak cask, whisky and fig, to name just two examples from the final selection: Get in touch with our team of experts and be inspired by new and exciting flavours! 

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