Innovative Flavour Creations for BBQ-Sauces
9 July 2020 Innovation Flavours

Inspiring product ideas based on global consumer and market trends.

The past months have put consumers and industry to a tough test. All the more consumers are longing for a return to normality and thus for an increased focus on taste and product diversity. Although the start of the BBQ season was a bit bumpy this year, it is the small measure of normality that connects industry and consumers to bring back the pleasure and joy of good food. Without any doubt, BBQ sauces represent an indispensable classic in this respect.

Consumer Insights:

What trends and expectations define a good BBQ sauce?

Consumers are looking for multi-sensory taste experiences. They are demanding exciting and versatile product innovations based on extraordinary combinations of ingredients from around the world. Due to their increasing health awareness, younger generations in particular are paying closer attention to natural ingredients. They are equally focusing on the origin and manufacture of products. At the same time, popularity for plant-based and organic BBQ sauces is rising.

When formulating BBQ sauces, unique and innovative flavours based on high quality and natural ingredients can contribute to attract new consumer target groups and thus boost retail sales on a global scale.

Innovative and aromatic taste varieties for BBQ sauces

Our invigorating product concepts are based on traditional American BBQ sauce recipes. With appealing smoke profiles and the use of various spices, we are meeting the market requirements in Western Europe, while focusing on current market and consumer trends such as the willingness to experiment.

Whether you are looking for exotic and fruity creations, intense smoky profiles or sweet-chocolate notes with a hint of chili – Bell’s extraordinary flavour profiles can turn BBQ sauce into a unique taste experience. Thus, satisfying the consumer’s need for exciting and authentic product varieties. Our intense and complex flavour profiles are characterised by consistent quality and are also free of added flavour-enhancing ingredients. The use of natural flavors and extracts enables clean labelling. We are offering tailor-made flavour solutions that help to refine and expand your product portfolio.

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